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Pet memorials

Memorial Portraits for Pets

Remember that time your dog did something wrong, ran up to you to apologize, and then ran back to do it again? What about that other time your cat climbed into bed with your infant, and they slept peacefully next to each other? These are the memories we keep alive with our pets that have passed. Having a hand-painted pet portrait can bring solace and joy to those memories for you or a grieving loved one. 


The process starts with your photograph collection. You can choose one photo, or multiple photos to combine into the artwork. Our digital artists can combine these photographs into one composition, so that your pet portrait is just right. You then choose what size portrait you are looking for, the medium (oil, watercolor or pencil sketch) and give us any other specific instructions. Once complete, we send the digital mock up to you for approval. 

After your acceptance, we send the mock up photo to one of our talented artists around the world to hand-paint your portrait from scratch. Before shipping you the finished artwork, we send you an image of the final product for your review. All of our artists pride themselves on getting it right, so if you do not like something, we’ll make the proper revisions until it’s perfect. We want to make sure we have captured your pet the way they should be remembered. 

We also offer framing and stretching services so that you have your portrait ready to hang right out of the shipping box. 


Catching your dog or cat in the perfect pose can be a miraculous event. By the time you grab your phone or camera, they have already moved, so most of the time you have to settle for “close enough.” Our experts can take those photographs and combine the parts you want to create the image you are looking for. One shot may have the perfect expression, another the best pose and other pictures that display “must have” elements. 

Another option is having all your four-legged children in one pet memorial. Our artists can digitally combine the whole pack into one portrait, honoring all your pets together. Bringing all of them together, regardless of time period, can give you that sense of having the complete family together. 


We have artists all around the world who enjoy what they do and have various artistic backgrounds. Their methods come from the art movement photorealism. This style of painting from photographs focuses on realistic interpretation with the added benefit of invoking emotional connectivity to their work. Our artists create 100% hand-painted, archival quality pet portraits to your satisfaction. Knowing that their art has the purpose of giving you comfort and joy motivates our artists to always give you their best. 

At no point do they use the assistance of computer printing (known as a giclee) to create your art piece. We want your hand-painted memorial to truly capture the life and memories of your pet that cannot be duplicated in a photograph. 


Our pricing is set to give you the highest quality piece in an affordable way. Depending on the options you choose, our pieces start as low as $50. You have the option of paying 20% down or making the complete payment up front. We know how important your pet memorial is to you, and do not want the cost to get in the way of creating the perfect piece for you. 


At Anything Painted On Canvas, we’re pet people too, and we understand the hardship of loss of a beloved pet. Our goal is to represent that special love in your life in a manner that best captures them with respect and care. Visit our website to see samples of how we can properly memorialize your best friend.


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